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DEQNA® International Limited is an upstart high-ended business solutions and services provider, idea generation and incubation center, concept design, product development, and management company, with a focus on ICT driven and oriented products and services for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) within the global eco-space. Our focal point in business support services is based on offering tailor-made solutions that best suit each organization and individual, while we also aim at using our best talents and innate abilities as a team to generate the best ideas and concepts to create innovative products that would delight our customers and the entire global marketplace, with the ultimate goal towards the attainment of desired business growth for us and our esteemed customers.

Business Solutions

Training & Skills Development.
Bookkeeping & Accounting Software.

Messaging Suites

Bulk SMS Provider.
Short Code SMS Provider.
Newsletter Management.

Networking Platform

Artisanshub Marketing.
Artisanshub Networking.
Artisanshub Training.

Mobile Communications

Media Marketing Events.
Content Providers.

Corporate Statements

Our Mission
To be a provider of quality business service and innovative products, using an all-inclusive teamwork strategy thereby creating long-term value for our shareholders and above all, meeting our Customers’ specific needs.
Our Philosophy – “Customer’s Delight”

In today’s competitive business world, it is pertinent to have a well-motivated workforce with the right attitude towards the organization. It is a well-known fact the quality of human resources of an organization is what makes the organization. The quality of staff an organization has is important when it desires to increase efficiency, minimize time wastage and reduce overheads. Since our services are basically customer oriented and as we aim at meeting and even exceeding our customer requirements, our philosophy, therefore, is

“Customer’s Delight”

We offer fast, reliable and cost effective solutions to the delight of client’s organizations and individual needs.

Our Vision
To be the best business solution provider and concept design company for the creation and development of innovative products and services that best suits our customers and the entire global marketplace, while we are constantly building bridges and adding values with robust VAS delivery platform.
Quality Policy

We at DEQNA® recognize that consistent satisfaction of customer’s need is essential to business survival and we equally understand that quality has no limits, as such we are committed to a deliberate and stringent process of continuous improvement.

DEQNA® management and employees alike are committed to secure a long-term partnership with customers by providing world class solutions and services.

Our commitment to quality is made by all company employees and as such is an integral part of their responsibilities.

The company’s policy system is an integral part of the organization and is designed to enhance and perpetuate the reputation of Deqna as a deliverer of quality services.

ICT Solutions for every business

Key Solutions


DEQNA® management and employees alike are committed to secure a long-term partnership with customers by providing world class solutions and services. Our commitment to quality is made by all company employees and as such is an integral part of their responsibilities.

Mobile Communications

Mobile Communication technology has been designed to provide wireless connectivity and data interchange between two or more entities. Flexibility of these connections is paramount to efficient and satisfactory communications. Our range of mobile solutions have been proven to enhance communications and broaden the reach of our clients.

Business Networking

Value Added Services in relation to business process optimization go hand in hand in today’s corporate world. The need is prime to engage new and existing clients using multiple channels. Deqna Int’l Ltd has in its arsenal an award-winning VAS platform which offers an exceptional array of SMS solutions for retail users and whole sellers. It also provides white label solutions and hosted services so your business can always connect with clients.


No business is complete without a functional Logistics engine. You want to deliver your services and products to your clients promptly. In our culture, Deqna has designed a logistics solution employing ICT to automate the logistics process


Mobile Commerce as originally known, was conceived to mean -” a retail outlet in your customer’s pocket”,” the delivery of electronic commerce capabilities directly into the consumer’s hand, anywhere, via wireless technology”.
Also known as the next generation e-commerce, m-commerce market sales volumes have been soaring since the last decade. This has prompted more and more commercial businesses to drift towards the online shopping platforms. Development, sale and delivery of these bespoke m-commerce applications are a specialty we derive pride in.

Helping Small

Overcome the challenges encountered due to poor bookkeeping. Get onboard and start the journey towards accountability and progress. Generate and issue quotations, reciepts, waybills and invoices as well as financial reports on the go.

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